You might have heard that the salary can amount to a good sum and if that has made you set your goal of becoming a sports physical therapist so let us look at what you will need to do in order to become a sports physical therapist.

Bachelor’s Degree

Before you start thinking about sports physical therapist salary, you need to know a bachelor’s degree is essential if you want to become a sports therapist and you can choose the degree that concentrates on health sciences, pre-physical therapy, athletic training, biology etc. The courses that you take up in your bachelor’s degree should be include biology, chemistry, physics, physiology and others so that they can complete the requirement that is asked by a physical therapy graduate school. According to your focus, needs and preferences, you can go for a degree that is of 4 years or you can go for one that is of 6 years and completes not only undergraduate level but also completes 3 years of Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Basic Training

The next step would be attaining basic training as many graduate physical therapy schools ask the candidates to have a certain number of hours of training before they can attend the school. For this purpose, you can either volunteer or intern at a hospital, nursing home etc.

Graduate School

The degree awarded by the graduating school can differ from country to country but the most common one that you might have heard about is DPT that we talked about earlier.


If you want to become a practicing sports physical therapist then you would need to obtain a license and complete the requirements of the governing body or association of physical therapy of the country that you plan on practicing in and then you get a specialty certificate.