If you happen to be growing cannabis indoors and are still relatively new to it, you are probably not satisfied with the results you are getting, be it the growth of the plant, the quantity, size and quality of the buds etc. These kind of issues do happen in the beginning especially when you do not have a lot of experience of knowledge about cannabis growing, in fact a lot of professionals struggle from time to time as well.

Lighting happens to be a very important factor in your plant’s growth and yield, if you have been using HPS lights, you are probably noting a discoloration in your plants, and this is because of the high amounts of heat produced by HPS lights. This is where you switch over to LED growth lights, now LED growth lights do not raise the temperature of the growth environment, even the bigger models don’t do that since they have an inbuilt cooling system.

Now in order to use your LED growth lights effectively, you should opt for smaller, numerous LED panels rather than getting one big panel. Smaller panels will ensure that light is spread and distributed everywhere effectively. Each individual bulb for your panel should be 3W and the entire panel should be 5-60 watts for every square space. This has been found to be the most optimum amount of light that should be used. Your LED growth lights should be kept at least 12-18” away from the plant in order to prevent burning the plant and bleaching your buds.

LED growing lights will give you strong and potent buds if you use the right ones correctly. If you are interested in learning more about LED growing lights and want to look up potential options online, you can visit https://topledgrowlightreviews.com/.