EB5 immigration visa is a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors looking to invest in the US, the visa program allows investors to invest individually or invest through a larger pool investment through the regional centers which are government approved third party intermediaries, these regional centers play an important part in the overall investment, although these are private for profit organizations, the strict rules and regulations applied by USCIS ensure that your investment is treated well and the foreign investor always has a clear picture of where the investment goes.

The employment requirement becomes different once you choose to invest through the regional center because then there is no given number of minimum jobs that are to be created, the jobs would be created through economic activities, however if you choose to invest individually the regulations require you to create at least 10 jobs in US in order to be eligible of the EB5 visa program.

Obtaining a green card through business investments is not new, but EB5 with less restrictions and flexible options through the regional centers have made it possible for many to not only live in US but have a business of their own, for many this was a distant dream but with such programs and the help of capable regional centers this is a reality now, if you have always been interested in moving to the US and you have some amount to invest then you can be among the investors too, but before that you would need the help of an immigration attorney who will take you through the entire process, and if you want to gain more information regarding the federally approved regional centers then click here and learn all about the most reliable regional center in all of US.