Paintless dent repair on damaged rental car is a kind of service providing organization that people often utilize for the repair of vehicles and recover them from minor problems like dents. Their main area of expertise is to get rid of dents that were caused either by impact accidents or natural accidents. The one condition that is necessary for PDR or paintless dent removal is that as long as the paint on the surface is intact and hasn’t budget you can use it for any and every kind of dent there is.


There are certain varieties in the way Paintless Dent Removal method can be carried out, it is considered to be the best method for people who are on a budget; as compared to other methods that involve a whole new paintjob and refilling the gaps, etc. although this method does have its limitations, like it won’t be as effective if the dents have scratched off the paint, or the dent is too deep and won’t budget away.

Technician’s Expertise

Not only is it important to carefully select the method of dent removal you want to go for, you also need to make sure that you get the right technician to be able to do it. As long as the dent is not too deep, a good technician should be able to recover your car back to its original position.


Paintless dent repair on damaged rental car is a process that is carried out using a tool or a slim and small rod so that the dent can be pushed outwards. The process is slow and requires the technician to be gent, if you start hammering away at the dent then the chances of damage to the paint are higher.