It is sad when we look at how much we have gendered different activities and interests because we fail to realize how many problems it causes for us later on in the long run. From a young age we tell boys that their interests should lie in cars, mechanics and how things work, and we tell our girls how their interests should lie in clothes, kitchen related activities and so on. This is why we will find more men than women in engineering or mechanics related careers and women in doctors and so on.

It’s fine if your child does have traditional interests, however it is still important for them to know tricks that can help them later on regardless of where there interests lie. If you don’t teach boys how to cook or do other chores, they will only suffer when they move out and have to live independently. Similarly, if you don’t teach your girls how to do small odd jobs every now and then, they will consistently have to rely on others to do it for them, which isn’t always possible.

So, teach your children all the basics, this also includes driving, car maintenance and small fixes in case they run into any car problems. Cars are unpredictable and sometimes they can stop or have issues in the middle of the road which can be a risky situation. However, if you have the necessary knowledge and repair kit, you can handle the situation quickly so that you can get back on the road immediately. This can include fixing a tire, knowing how to jumpstart a car etc. You can easily get a repair kit from West Coast Suspension as an added accessory and then not have to worry if you ever run into a problem later on.