Presenting and receiving business cards is a really big thing in the business world, it is a formal way of greeting one another and an important part of any business meeting that ends with both parties wanting to stay in touch or keep on following each other. There are a great number of things to keep in mind when presenting or receiving business cards, all of which can help you act professional and leave a positive impact on the other party.

An obvious yet important thing to keep in mind while presenting your card to someone is to make sure that it is in good shape, keeping your cards in your wallet can damage or crease them, so you should avoid that and instead keep them in your jacket or shirt pocket, or go the extra mile and carry a card holder with you. Being over prepared never hurts, also make sure to consider all the cultural factors when presenting or accepting a card, for example if you are taking a card from a Japanese person then accepting the card with both hands is considered as the correct and respectful way of accepting a card.

Whenever you give your business card to someone, you should always return the courtesy and ask for their card as well, being courteous and polite can be a great way to strengthen your bond with different parties. Greenlea Print is a highly experienced printing company that can create and print a superb business card for you, one that feels great to hold and feels great to give to someone. You should take a look at this company’s website to see what they can do for you and also go through the useful tips that they have to offer about business card etiquette.