Remember the times when you had to make a note of when your favourite show was going to air on TV so you can watch it? If you remember such times, it’s no wonder that you do because that’s how things were just a few years back but if you don’t remember, it’s probably because you have so much convenience and control over what to watch and when now that those times seem like a distant past.

These days, you can simply log into your Netflix profile and continue watching your favourite show whenever you get the time. Yes, gone are those days where we had to chase after shows and movies and their reruns if we missed them. These days, it’s all available in HD around the clock and for very cheap too! We’ve had the option of watching our favourite shows online for a long time now but Netflix took things to a whole new level that might put TV cable providers out of business pretty soon.

However, Netflix’s library is still not as comprehensive all over the world as it is in Netflix USA. This is understandable and they’re working on it but thanks to language barriers and cultural clashes, there’s always going to be some content exclusively available on Netflix USA only. However, all is not bleak since there are still ways to access everything on Netflix USA from Netherlands.

All you need is a good VPN service that can connect you to American Netflix servers; once that’s done, you can log into Netflix USA and enjoy all the content that you would otherwise only get in America. You’re paying for it so it’s perfectly legal to do this and anyone can get started with it.