Unlike normal auction houses, a silent auction means you might not know what the current bid is and without knowing that, you sacrifice your competitive edge but, in a sense, so does everyone else which can help level out the playing field. Auctioneers in a regular auction house will be trying to rile everyone one and get them to keep placing bets. The people who engage in it can feel alive placing their bids and hoping they win and it’s fun to get to see who wins and loses in those auction houses but because everyone is going to be yelling their bids out as loud as they can to ensure the auctioneer hears them, things can be chaotic.

Silent auctions are separate from this format but still remain a certainly engaging activity. People have to fill out their bids on silent auction sheets which are later deliberated over. There isn’t necessarily an auctioneer either in those cases since once the bids are in, they are deliberated over and examined with only the highest bidder announced. Each bid sheet is dedicated to a certain product or category, you can find a lot of different formats and designs that these sheets tend to have over at http://www.elseviersocialsciences.com/silent-auction-bid-sheet/. The sheets are kept straightforward enough as well.

The main requirement of any bid sheet is for the bidder to write in an understandable manner else their bid may be ignored or rejected. A silent auction or a noisy one is left up to the interests of the participants and each has a certain vibe and atmosphere about them that makes one enjoyable over the other to particular people. Trying to host your own silent auction could be a wonderful addition to your events and engaging everyone involved as well.