One misconception that we have seen and heard about dangerous goods is that some companies think that possessing a highly dangerous substances is small quantity is not a big deal at all and they would not need a license for it which is shocking because they are entirely wrong and depending on the type of the good, if the authorities find out via any way, they can face charges, penalties and maybe even jail time. If you are one of such companies and wish to avoid all the bad things then it is necessary that you understand the dire situation that you are in and the first and most important thing that you need to do is to hire a dangerous goods consultant.

If you do not know who that is then the answer is that he/she is a consultant who would be able to assess the severity of the goods, get you a license if necessary and get all the right paperwork done. You can get the services of a consultant from but if you are not from Australia then you would need to find someone else. If you are panicking because you do not know which one to pick then allow us to help.


The most important thing that is necessary to check is whether the consultant is qualified or not which means that you need to check whether he/she is legally authorized to do the job, has the qualification and the training to perform the job perfectly.

Experience in The Field

You can improve your chances of avoiding accidents and penalties easily if you hire an experienced dangerous goods consultant. When the consultant would have a good measure of experience in the industry, he/she would be able to perform the job properly.