There are really only two reasons why people wear watches; to keep track of time or to leave an impression. For the former, you have a wide variety of choices between sporty watches that offer shock and water proofing and then there are smart watches that can help you interact with your phone and keep track of your entire health and activities. However, luxury watch brands put a lot more into their watches; these things are crafted to leave an impression of you. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a really expensive watch from luxury watch brands like TAG Heuer and Rolex.

You’ll Be Taken Seriously

Your watch is a part of your attire and if you’re going to a formal event, every little bit of what you wear tells something about you. Wearing a luxury time piece can pretty much be the cherry on top of your garb; it makes you seem smart, tasteful and very powerful too. Your watch says that you’re a successful individual who’s worthy of wearing it.

It Adds to Your Uniqueness

There’s a different between expensive but generic watches and expensive and unique luxury watches. You can get a great time piece for a decent amount of money but if you really want to make an impression that lasts, you’ll want to look for limited edition watches that truly stand out in their uniqueness. Remember, in a formal setting, your attire will set you apart from everyone else in the crowd and like we said earlier, your watch is the cherry on top.

To Feel Fulfilled

Not everything we do is for other to notice; if you want a great watch, you get it for yourself so that you feel accomplished. Only weak people derive meaning in everything in their lives through others, after all.