If you have recently bought a sewing machine or planning on getting one, you need to go through the user manual that comes with it so that if you encounter minor problems regarding it and be able to troubleshoot it using the steps given in there. Of course it won’t matter if you have not read it and you will keep on calling the company and asking them to repair it for you and you will keep on paying them for it.

If you want to avoid such a fate it is best that you review the user manual for troubleshooting steps that are given in them and follow the instructions as well. So that you can get your basic sewing tasks done on time without having to return the machine for repairs over and over again. There are certain problems that people encounter while using sewing machines and they are rather common so if you have thrown away your user manual, then you should know that we will be walking you through those problems and trying to help you in troubleshooting it. Following are some of the problems you may encounter while using your sewing machine, check them out below.

Machine Not Sewing The Cloth

If your machine is just not sewing then there might be a number of things that might be wrong with it. if you want to check what is wrong with the machine, try either one of the steps given below.

  • Check if there is thread in the machine. Sometimes your thread breaks in the middle which is why there are no stitches on the cloth. Also, check the bobbin so that you know that the thread on that is also in place and has not finished as yet.