Being able to review things on the internet has changed the way a lot of companies and businesses now function. People now know that there is an easy way to see if a place is reliable and good or if they made a lot of people unhappy. You can review a lot of different things on the internet now and this has made a lot of companies a lot more accountable for how they act and the quality of services and products that they provide to clients and customers.

Websites and apps like yelp have even become widely accepted as a good place to know the type of service you could expect from a restaurant or a bar and it affects the decisions of a lot of people before they choose to go to any place for food or for drinks based on environment, quality of servings, and service. Another company that has started their own online service to get the reviews of people is the super store chain Kroger.

They have opened up a website that lets their customers give a survey which helps them understand how they can improve the whole experience for the people involved. The Kroger feedback survey is pretty easily accessible for any person as all they have to do is visit the website for the survey and then fill it out to leave behind recommendations and suggestions about what could be changed and made better. The best thing about it is the fact that you are rewarded for the review too. To encourage people to give reviews within 7 days of making a purchase at a Kroger super store, people will receive loyalty points that they can spend at the store, and they will also be included in the sweepstakes which can be thousands.