Vacations are supposed to be a time when you can relax and just not think. It is a time where you should be unwinding and not have to stress about anything at all. However, for many vacations are nothing like this at all as they end up stressing about the places that they need to go to. A lot of people know that vacations are not always easily had and try to squeeze in a lot of different things to do in them but not always efficiently. The problem here lies with the fact that a lot of people are generally unaware of the main places that they should go to and are unable to tell apart actual attractions from tourist traps that will end up costing them a lot of money but hardly give them anything in return.

So this article is being written to help you all decide what places to go to if you ever end up going down under to Australia. We will talk about one of the greatest attractions there, which is not generally that well known to many people, which you should definitely visit. A more detailed list of destinations and attractions is available at

The one place that you absolutely have to visit is the Featherdale Wildlife Park. The concept behind this park is to remove the barriers between human beings and animals and let them interact. The park will let you get right in the faces of 1700 different types of animals. The park will educate you about the animals and let you meet them. So you can play with a koala, feed and run around with a kangaroo, and even touch a crocodile when you are there. The environment is made so all of this is safe and fun for visitors.