Important FAQs: Do You Need to Hire a Process Server?

A process server is an individual who serves legal documents, primarily court-related documents, on individuals for private individuals and businesses. There are many situations that may arise that cause the need for a process server. Ensure that you’re prepared by learning the information below.

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What Should I Look for in a Process Server?

A process server must be licensed in the state of California to perform this service. It’s up to your discretion to choose the most compatible process server to your needs. As long as they are licensed and carry insurance, you can hire them for work.

When Do I need a Process Server?

You’ll need a process server anytime you summon a person to appear in court to answer a legal matter. This may be over an eviction, non-payment of a loan, or one of numerous other situations.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Process Server?

Process server fees vary from one company to the next. Spend time doing your homework to compare the available options to get the best prices for the work that you need completed. Although rates vary, rest assured the rates are affordable for even a modest budget.

Can I Serve Papers Myself?

State law requires that you hire a process server to handle any legal matters that require someone else appearing in court to answer a charge made against them.  You may not serve the papers on this person or person(s) yourself.

Spend a few minutes asking friends and co-workers to refer you to the best legal services roseville ca process servers in town. Look online to find valuable information and use your judgement when it’s time to hire a process server. The end result is a smooth, hassle-free court process in the near future.