In order to be able to make it through life successfully, it is important for us to understand our limits and the extent of our knowledge. The same principle applies to our house. While we can visibly see a leaking faucet and a flooded basement, there are a lot of other important things happening below the surface level which is beyond our level of expertise.

Our house’s foundation will not remain the same overtime. As the years go by, there will be some wear and tear along with some damage. Factors like flooding, moisture, infestations, shifting soil etc. can all play a role in this and sometimes other things are also involved. Now it is important that we get our house’s safety inspection done from a certified home inspector. If you want some apparent signs that you might be in need of a foundation inspection, you can keep on reading below.

  • One of the more obvious signs is cracking along your walls, your foundation and basement. If your floor is becoming uneven, then that is also a sign you need to look into.
  • A leaking roof can be a result of a loose roof shingle, and as the leaking continues, the moisture can permeate into the walls and the foundation, leading to damage overtime due to deterioration.
  • A bulge on your walls or general unevenness is also a problem since it could mean that there is a problem underneath the surface of the wall, regardless of whether or not it is a problem in the foundation, it still needs to be looked into.

If you notice any of the following signs or want to get a safety inspection done just in case, you can look up a list of available home inspectors Black Mountain NC and book an appointment.