If you would search up woodworking tips, you would find a lot of great tips and tricks and we are going to add more tips to it so that our readers who love doing wood working projects would be able to do projects in an easier manner and have fun while doing it.

Bandsaw Blades

Did you know that you can use cut up band saw blades as miniature scrapers to do all sorts of things like even remove glue from hard to get corners.


We are talking about iron that most people have in their house and use it to iron their clothes. You can actually use this iron to get out the dents from wood. All you would need to do is to put a damp rag on the dents in the wood and press the hot iron firmly against it. The heat would cause the moisture to absorb in the wood which would ultimately raise the wood would the dented area and you would have a good surface.

Sharpened Gasket Scraper

This is a great tool and can be used for many things during a woodworking project like you can use it to separating two pieces of wood joined together or for any other levering task and it proves to be perfect for such tasks as it is thick and wide unlike a flat head screwdriver.

Hot Glue Gun

Most households have a hot glue gun and it is a handy tool when it comes to woodworking projects as it can be used to make router templates by gluing perspex into curves.


You can use a scalpel to do so many things like to cut veneer, scribe and even cut precision masking and many other woodworking related tasks.