When people think of what does it mean to dance with the devil or demons they imagine some horrible, ghoulish image with horns and claws hiding in the shadows. Savoring the moment it may fall upon the ripe flesh of the innocent.  From old folk tales to the horror movies of today.  People are obsessed with experiencing fright while ensconced within the safe walls of their homes.

This is the candy coated turd of hollow experiences the modern world relishes in.  People want to experience these intense emotions yet they don’t want them in an authentic way.  Real consequences are not acceptable for the stagnant masses.  They must be allowed to feel all the victorious highs, the tragic lows and the dramatic swoops of uncertainty without ever having risked a thing.  This is why most everyone these days is detestably weak and unable to improve themselves in any meaningful way.

Today we are going to go through the etymology of the word demon and understand what it truly means.