Swizz Beatz on Kanye West’s ‘Waves’ & Why He Only Collects Work From Living Artists

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Swizz Beatz continues to kick down the door into the art world with his red bottoms, proving that the shimmery collector’s lifestyle isn’t reserved just for the rich and famous. The esteemed DJ/ hitmaker (born Kasseem Dean) turned his interest in graffiti in his native South Bronx to a deep love for the arts — he curated the No Commission art show in Miami that was free to the public and became a member of the Brooklyn Museum’s Board of Trustees. Now, he’s building The Dean Collection as a salute to various pieces by artists on the rise.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Rebel camera, Canon teamed with Swizzy for the “Rebel with a Cause” campaign to spotlight “The Unknowns” (artists without a proper platform for their work) for an art installation that made a splash across the building walls of both the Brooklyn Museum and the Bronx Museum of the Arts. Before going on a joyride with the artists on a party bus, the heavyweight producer spoke to Billboard about his Canon collaboration, making Basquiat a prerequisite in his Reebok deal, and that Kanye West art collection.

How did you connect with Canon for “The Unknowns” art installation?

Canon reached out to me to be a part of this activation [for their] Rebel with a Cause campaign. I guess they figured that with my work with the Dean Collection, I’ve been acting as a rebel with a cause, which I feel I am and have been doing, but for them to recognize that I thought was pretty cool, especially since I’m very fond of working with brands and art. Brands don’t really technically celebrate the arts. They like to use the name but it’s not really for the right cause but when I looked at this project, I saw I’d be able to continue educating and exploring new artists and sharing art knowledge with different artists around the world like I do already.

Popular Ukulele Songs

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Of course, we all love playing crushing heavy riffs, doing pinch harmonics, and blasting some pentatonic solos, with amps turned up so high that our neighbors are thinking of moving away. But at some point, you kind of get tired of all that loud noise. So why not try something else? Perhaps something more peaceful. Does ukulele sound good? Just think of it as a four nylon string guitar without pickups, and then learn a ukulele song or two!

The instrument originates from the 19th century when Hawaiians modified the Portuguese machete. Later on, during the 20th century, it got popular in other parts of the USA, and after some time it even got some international popularity. Ukulele has four nylon strings, although sometimes it can have coursed strings, making it a total of six or even eight in some cases. You can find it in four different sizes, soprano being the standard one. Other types include concert, tenor and baritone. The most common and most popular tuning is GCEA.

Now turn off your amp and overdrive/distortion pedals, put your guitar down, because in this article we will cover some popular ukulele songs and go a bit into how to play them. Before we start, you should check out this guide for guitar players here, which will help you with some ukulele covers of popular songs presented below. It practically shows you how to turn your guitar into a ukulele with a capo. Or just buy a ukulele!

Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight

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When people think of what does it mean to dance with the devil or demons they imagine some horrible, ghoulish image with horns and claws hiding in the shadows. Savoring the moment it may fall upon the ripe flesh of the innocent.  From old folk tales to the horror movies of today.  People are obsessed with experiencing fright while ensconced within the safe walls of their homes.

This is the candy coated turd of hollow experiences the modern world relishes in.  People want to experience these intense emotions yet they don’t want them in an authentic way.  Real consequences are not acceptable for the stagnant masses.  They must be allowed to feel all the victorious highs, the tragic lows and the dramatic swoops of uncertainty without ever having risked a thing.  This is why most everyone these days is detestably weak and unable to improve themselves in any meaningful way.

Today we are going to go through the etymology of the word demon and understand what it truly means.