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How to Become a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Even the bad guys get the rights to a trial and an attorney, and the people who choose to defend them are criminal defense lawyers. They defend their client’s rights and make sure that they are treated fairly, and the first step towards becoming a criminal defense lawyer is like becoming any type of lawyer. It’s obtaining a bachelor’s degree and getting into law school.

Having good grades and good relationships with people who can write you letters of recommendation can only help your chances. If you have a high GPA and professors who speak highly of you, then you come across as a well-rounded and connected student. Then, there’s a law school admissions test that you need to pass in order to get into a certain type of law school. Such as a law school in Houston to become a criminal defense lawyer in Houston.

Register for the test and pick a date to go, before studying your heart out and making sure that you understand every nature of that test inside and out. Read, take practice tests, look at different types of training modules and study everything you can get your hands on.

criminal defense lawyer in Houston

Once you pass the test, then gather up your letters of recommendation and start applying for law schools. Applying for school might require you to think about payments, transcripts, and various other items to make sure you get inside. Think about the law school you want to go too, since most schools prep people to work in the local area so you’ll need to pick one that is close to where you want to work.

Pick the school and research it for application purposes, and then send in your application. Once that’s done, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a great criminal defense lawyer!