Here’s How You Find The Right Knives For You

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Just like any professional at work, chefs too have a need for tools and preferences about them as well. For any chef, the most important and personal tools of the trade are their knives; there are different kinds of knives that come with even more shapes and sizes and you have to find a set that’s perfect for your needs.

Having so many choices might make buying knives sound like an exceptionally daunting thing to do but all these options also means that there’s bound to be a set of knives out there that fits you like they were crafted for your hands. If you’re looking for knives for cutting raw chicken, you’ll want to make sure that you have a steady hand each time you hold your knife – this is half practice and half knife, mind you. Here’s what you should always do before buying any knife.

Hold It

Yes, you need to hold each knife in the set in your hands to see how well you can balance it. Working with knifes can be strenuous work that can hurt your wrists after some time as well; the best way to avoid this is to try out all the knives for yourself. Even if you’re not an expert in kitchen knives, you’ll know the difference after you’ve held a few knives.

Check The Metal

You want to see if your knife really is a full tang or not before you buy it; look for any signs of welding along the spine of the knife, especially in the hilt. Ideally, a good quality knife should be a single full tang design.

Inspect The Handle

You’ll want your blade and steel to be good but since the handle is what you’ll be using to interact with the knives, you should check to see if it sits well with you.