Have you ever heard of the term “elevator music”? This term was generally used to refer to the instrumental, low brow music produced by the company Muzak. This music was designed to be as affordable as possible to produce which lead to that specific sound. Muzak as a company is no more, as it was acquired for a pretty penny by the Texas based company Mood Media. What a lot of people don’t know is that Muzak actually served a purpose, one that is quite chilling when you think about it.

The specific tones used to create Muzak were designed to make it so that workers could stay alert for longer periods of time. Research conducted on the matter determined that Muzak was an enormous success because it certainly did make employees work a little harder. Now, however, Mood Media is taking things in a different direction. The primary purpose of any company is to make it so that as much money is earned as possible. This is why Mood Media is starting to look into how Muzak can impact consumers and their purchasing habits as well in an attempt to make people buy more at stores.

One particularly significant client of Mood Media is the retail giant Target. Target started using overhead music in its stores in the year 2011, and continues to do so today. The experiment has turned out to be a success, and there are a number of reasons why this is the case. To start off with, we must look at the alternative that stores often have to look into while they are trying to implement music. The alternative is radio, and while this does provide a lot of energy to the store it also lacks character because of the fact that pretty much any store in the world can do the same.

Muzak allows these stores to create their own particular identity, with music that is designed for them and would allow customers to associate a particular character with the store and brand. This can help people keep coming back to the store because they would be able to form a connection with it. Music is the best thing in the world when it comes to the establishment of emotional bonds, and Mood Media is trying to tap into that fact in order to create something truly special.

Mood Media may have incorporated Muzak but this company’s philosophy is slightly different. The music is less lo-fi, it has more production value, and hundreds of DJs are contributing to their playlists every single day. Recorded music is not the only way that brands are promoting their stores either, a lot of stores are starting to improve their environments by providing live music as well such as piano music and the like. Whatever its form, music is known to alter moods, and this is why so many companies want to start using this to their advantage.